Now here is a real old boozer of the Ribble Valley propping up the old well.It is not really known when the Buck first became a inn.The first recorded Landlord was James Wilkinson.The Buck has also being called the "Roebuck" and the "Stag" through it's history.On a ordnance survey map in 1844 it appeared under the name of the"Stag".Another of the first recordings of the pub was in 1837,when a notice advertising the Clitheroe Races at Hardhill read :"The entry for the second day's races are to be made immediately after the first day's races are over at the house of Miss Catharine Parkinson,the "Stag Inn".The pub was sold in 1840, the goods included in the price came to twenty nine pounds 9s.3d.,this also included part of the house fittings as well as the public rooms.Also included in the price was the Machine House,In 1840 in front of the Buck was a public weighing machine.The Old Buck was pulled down and the present day one was erected in 1906.The photograph above is hard to date,but I found this old glass negative,with all the other really early ones (some even from the late 1890's).So I presume it was taken not long after the "new" Buck had been opened.

This photograph shows the old Buck before it was demolished in 1906 and again probably another good customer of the old Buck propping up the well.

The Buck Inn