The original inn on this site was built about mid 1500's.Then in 1775 after nearly 200 years as an inn it was pulled down.At the time the Brownlow Arms was known as the "White Bull",then soon after it became the "Kings Head".Towards the end of the 18th century the name changed again to the "Lister Arms" because it had become the property of the Lister family.Then in 1809 the pub became the "Brownlow Arms",the first landlord being Jonathan Wilson.He kept it untill he died at the age of 78.Then a William Darnborough took over,followed by William West and then William Hothersall.From the day the Reform Act was passed the pub became the headquaters of local branch of the Radical Party,the Swan and Royal became the headquarters for the Conservative Party.In those days the local elections was a very riotous affair.It was very much the norm for the losers trying to unseat the winners on the grounds of bribery and corruption.Another norm at election time in the Brownlow Arms was free beers for everybody!What a shame that todays local parties do not have the same idea.After afew 100 years the Brownlow Arms served its last pint in1920 and was then pulled down so that todays building,the Yorkshire Bank could be built.


The Brownlow Arms