The Waddington Arms


Back in 1801 the Waddington Arms was called The Sun Inn.It was owned by the Clark family and was let to a Mary Tomlinson. To the left of the inn was at the time a barn were hay was kept that went with the small farm that went with the inn.To make some extra money butter and cheese use to be made in there.After Mary Tomlinson there were afew short tenancies.A John Sanderson was only there for a year when he was threatend with creditors.He owed £25 to Thomas Clark and £1 3s 6d to 'the overseer of the poor'.Most of his belongings were sold to pay this including his household goods,farming equipment and his animals.They were sold in Febuary 1808.The sale raised £137 12s 9d.After this there was another two short tenacies, then William Southworth became the landlord back in 1820.He was killed in a local brawl,but his wife ran The Sun Inn for another forty years.The Sun Inn became The Waddington Arms around the early 1990's.This photograph was taken around the late 1950's to the early 1960's.To this day the pub is said to haunted by of all things a cow.
This photograph of The Waddington Arms was taken around the 1940's for a promotional photograph of the time.