Another photograph of Dalehead before the water covered the area.One thing that I have just realized is that Stocks Reservoir was opened on the 5th July 1932,but the church had its last service on the 24th May 1936!I have double checked this and the date is totally correct.So either the whole church that was 'packed to the door' in their wet suits under 150 foot of water or this part of the reservoir was opened at a later date.Maybe somebody could enlighten me on this.

During the building of the reservoir a shanty town called Hollins was built for the workers.This included living accomodation for 330 workmen.There was fifteen wooden huts,each hut had a 'housekeeper' who was responsible for the catering and upkeep of the place.The workmen slept in cubicles similar to ship bunks and shared a common living room.Each hut had a garden at the front and a vegtable garden at the back.In their leisure time some of the workmen spent time looking after them.Hollins had all that is needed in a small community.The Blackpool Gazette wrote:"This village has its main street and various streets which have been given the names of avenues;there are shops and stores,a hospital,electric light,water supply,sewerage scheme,refuse destructor and even a cinema theatre with a foyer.".