I couldn't resist putting some of these photographs on.After spending months on and off rummaging through loads of old negatives this little lot really came as a surprise! I don't think you could get further way from Clitheroe than this set of photographs.They were evidently not taken by the shop.So the film must of been left for processing and never picked up or left for copies to be made.

Going off the size of the negatives I would say these are from the 1920's/30's.The Clitheroe connection I would of thought is that, one of white men (who I presume is a Missionary) is maybe from Clitheroe or has a connection with the town.At some point I will hopefully will be creating a chapter about some of the characters from 'Old Clitheroe'.

I've heard of wearing your Sunday Best for going to church,but wearing your Birthday Suit was a new one to me.