The Dun Horse Inn served its last pint way back in1896.Then the Manchester and County bank built its premises over the old public house.The reason so many great old pubs were knocked down and banks built on the site,is because the public house having a large cellar was a great place for the vaults/safe to be kept.The Dun Horse like alot of local public houses at the time had its own brewhouse.For along time the Dun Horse was a very profitable pub because it fronted the market place and then when the new road to Chatburn was cut via York Street,it was then the first public house to be met via the North.The first record of the pub being sold is in 1800 when Lord Ribblesdale sold the property to a William McKean and Joseph Kirkpatrick for 910 pounds.Included with the Inn were three patches of land containing over four acres of land.This was made up of Tithe Barn Meadow,an allotment on Sykes Common and the Roodland.This land lay on the west side of the road leading from the town upto Pimlico.At the time of the sale the Dun Horse was described as "An old-established and well-accustomed inn".So even in 1800 it possessed some claim to antiquity.These days the Natwest Bank graces the spot of the Dun Horse.

The Dun Horse Inn

Taken from an old 'copy job 'showing more of the Market Place on the left.