Old Woone Lane

A very old photograph looking down Woone Lane.The houses on the right hand side of the street are yet to be built.When it mentions 'Neg by E. Pye' I presume this is an early copy neg taken from an unknown photographer.

Many thanks to Ken Parkinson for sending alot of unseen photographs from the early part of last century which can be seen over the next few pages.Like I mentioned before most of the very early plates got destroyed by the damp so it's great when the original photographs start showing up after all these years. Apparently both out ancestors were very well aquatinted with each other and hence Ken being able to supply these old photographs.

If anybody else viewing this site has any photographs taken by the shop and are not on this site I would dearly like to see them.Going back further in time the original owner of the York Street premises was a gent called Benjamin Satterthwaite and started the photographic business around the early 1870's.If anyone has any photographs with his stamp on again I would love to see them.