Well Hall at Clitheroe Grammar School 1890's

This group photograph shows the staff and pupils of the grammar school around the 1880 - 1890's.Well Hall the building in the background was demolished in 1912 to make for the newer part part of the school.Untill 1811 Well Hall had been a private residence,but in 1811 the old hall was up for sale so the school governors managed to raise enough money to buy it.The purpose being to house the headmaster and to increase accommodation for boarding pupils.The last headmaster to live here was a Charles Matthew Henderson,who could be on this photograph.Again this is a very old 11" x 8" glass plate and like I mentioned in the introduction nobody knows who took these photographs or even what these really old Victorian plates where doing hiding away at the shop.The shop started being a photography shop way back in the early 1870's so this photograph was either taken by the then owner Benjamin Satttherwaite,Edmundson Buck or Edward Pye.