The Swan and Royal

This old coaching house has played a major part in the life of the local people for many years by hosting business,social and political events here.Back in the early days most of the town sales were also conducted here.The Swan and Royal was the main coaching in Clitheroe in the heyday of coaching.Around the back which is now the Swan Courtyard occupied by shops used to be the stables for the horses and coaches traveling through the town.The earliest know printed record for the Swan is in 1749 when a meeting of local bailiffs took place,the bill added unto £3 12s 5d for 'expenses'.Then from this time onwards The Swan is well recorded in the local history of the town.Back then The Swan occasionally would be used as another venue other than the old Moot Hall (that use to be where the library is today).Alot of the old Corporation business was conducted here.This house originally use to be known as the White Swan.It is not know when it became the Swan and Royal,but the first mention of the Swan and Royal is in 1851 listed in the Slaters business directory.
Here is an interesting old bill for someone that stayed at The Swan back in 1852.As mentioed above the place was now known as Swan and Royal.On the top of the bill it still called 'The Swan',so the change of name must of been around that time.