Photography Shop 42-44 York Street 1876

Something that has just come to light that I find on a personal note I find quite unbelievable is that the shop in it's self has been working as a photographers since at least 1876.Above is a Slaters local buisness directory for 1876.
Benjamin Satterthwaite was a cockney sparrow who moved upto Clitheroe I guess around the very early 1870's and started running his photographic buisness from York Street.Later on even specializing in Jewellery. Obviously leaving London with house prices down there,he could easily afford to buy two properties from the sale of one and bought both 42 and 44 York Street.By 1918 Benjamin Satterthwaite was just past his mid 60's and obviously wanted to retire .By 1918 My Great Grandfather Edward Pye had all ready had his shop at two address in Clitheroe.So he struck while the iron was hot and bought out Mr.Satterthwaite's buisness.The above is an advert taken from a very early edition of the Advertiser that was at the time printed at Cowgills in the 1880's.One part of the shop that is still there from the 1870's is the shop counter.Alot people commment 'Oh we really like your old Victorian counter'.It's amazing to think that when the shop opened the shop counter was brand new!Also the display cabinets at the back I would of thought would be from this early period as well.