This photograph shows the old Waggon and Horses on Pimlico Road or Old Chatburn Road as it was known at the time.I'm not sure when this building was demolished to make way for the present Waggon and Horses.On the left of the building I presume is a old barn and as you can see in the photograph it is in a very decrepit state and by what I can read on the posters on the door the whole place is up for sale,so I presume this is why this photograph was taken.To put a date on this is hard.I found this negative with the oldest I have found.The negative it self is a glass 10"x8"glass negative.Untill I found these massive negatives I never knew photography negatives could be so large.There is even some 12"x10" negatives I have yet to print up.When I first came across this negative I had not a clue where this was untill I found this very photograph in a book called 'Old Clitheroe'-published in the early 1970's.Orginally this pub was called the Old Causeway House and then became the Cart and Horses.When this place started to be a public house is hard to date.There is a mention of this place as far back as 1684,when "John Dugdale,of the Cause Way House was appointed one of the four men to stint the moors and the commons of the town".In all the early lists of inns in Clitheroe from the year 1800,this pub appears under the name Cart and Horses and then in the year 1851 it became the Waggon and Horses.If anyboby could put a date to this photograph I would love to know.

The Waggon and Horses