Clitheroe's Oldest Photograph?

Over the years alot of 'copy jobs' have come into the shop.Most of them have been seen loads of times printed in local books,calenders e.t.c.I have never seen this one before though.It is certainly the oldest photograph of Clitheroe I have seen.I would put the date on this photograph about 1850.The railway was opened in 1850 and it looks like it's just opened.The present railway station has not yet been built.This was taken from Clitheroe Castle and you can compare this to another very early photograph from 1880 here.The house in the centre by the station must of been demolished to make way for King Street.

Another 'copy job' showing how rural Clitheroe use to look.This view taken roughly where St.Marys Street is.
In this amazing old photograph,another 'copy job' the frame has moved around the corner,looking towards King Street and Church Brow.What I find amazing is the front field,which is now shops,Police station e.t.c.The house on the left use to be a school at the time.