Old 1890's Studio Portraits

Two local families that came into the studio way back in the 1890's.Apart from the date I really do not know a thing about these old studio portraits.If anyone recognizes anyone in the photographs please get in touch.Most Victorian portraits from the time always had the artistic backcloth which could range from oriental scene to even a railway carriage of all things.Why anybody would want to pretend to be in a railway carriage for a photograph is beyond me.
These two photographs where taken round at 1 Cowper Ave before the shop moved to York Street around 1918.
Ha!Ha! what the hell is so funny about using dry plates I will never know.This is an advert from the time these two portraits where taken for the kind of film used.The two plates used for these two photographs were a 10"x 8" plate.A very long way from 35mm or digital photography.