Light and Shade

This float is entitled 'Light and Shade' and refers to the fact that back in 1936 Newton got electricity,but Slaidburn just down the road did not get electric.In fact Slaidburn did not get electricity untill 1942.At the time this caused alot of trouble locally and this again was their way of having a laugh and at the same time making a protest about the fact that their village did not have electricty even though Newton is only just over a mile from Slaidburn.Hence the title 'Light and Shade'.
I must admit the banner on the back of the Slaidburn float leaves me in the dark to what it is refering to with the quote about Ancient Britains.- 'Good enough for the Ancient Britions and good enough for us...Where are we? By Crikey it's Dark,If it is'nt Slaidburn!'
What made me laugh about this photograph is the dry Lancashire humour 'The Place where you can you see what you're drinking'.It makes you realize what a revelation electricty was at the time When obviously everywhere was dark at night apart from afew gas lights.In the towns gas light was the norm in street lighting e.t.c.But way out in Newton/Slaidburn it really was pitch black at night out there,so electric must of been a complete revelation for the people at the time.But the people of Slaidburn did see one positive side of having no electricity,bringing sex into the torch light with the banner - 'Visit Slaidburn and get lost in the dark,you can't make love in electric light'.Parked upto next to the Waterworks Inspection Float,the local council must of had a few things to think about after the 1937 torch light.