Percy the Low Moor Pig 1948

For those who don't know what the Torch Light Procession is,the Torch Light usually happens every few years,usally for an offical occasion.What really happens is it is a good excuse to get dressed up,get drunk and make a complete fool out of yourself for an evening around town.This completely barmy photograph above being avery good example of that.The Torch Light consists of local firms and local areas of the Ribble Valley putting a float on or going about on foot with their friends.There is always a theme to each of the entires to the procession.The theme through the years can be any thing from political one to a skit of a recent film.One of Low Moors contributions back in 1911 was a boars head mounted on a wooden body with wheels on and then christened 'Percy the Low Moor Pig'.Since 1911 'Percy the Low Moor Pig' has appeared on every torch light since along with mad banner.