Early 1890's Portrait

Here is another very early 1890's family portrait.I thought it was well worth putting afew of these on considering the age of them.Unfortunately with this photograph and the others I don't know I thing about the history of the photograph.There is no information with the 10"x8" glass plate.The only one that I could put a date on was the Waddington Post Office photograph which even amazed me to be from 1893.What I love about these photographs is that they are really so old.These were taken when photography was still a very new modern medium.Looking at the contorted faces on this photograph,it was obviously taken when the shutter of the camera would be open for a few seconds as oppose to now where 60th of a second is considered slow.In this age of photography,nobody thought to smile.Hence all most if not all the portraits from this era have a very stern victorian look.If anyone could let me know about the history of this or the other old portaits I would love to hear from you.