The Opening of Stocks Reservoir


This was taken just after the unveiling of the bronze plaque.After this Prince George and co went off for some lunch.This photograph has been published a few times before,predominantly in the book 'The Lost Village of Stocks-in-Bolland' by W.R. Mitchell where I have to say I got all the information for this part of the site.Also the sequel 'Stocks Re-vistited' I used on this part of the site and both are well worth a read.There is no doubt that Stocks Reservoir had to be built because of the shortage of water in the Flyde,which unfortunately would eventually lead to destruction of all the local homes e.t.c. in the area.What I do find totally obscene though is the way a whole community of people and their loved ones buried in the church cemetery were just moved out as quickly as possible with no compensation what so ever.The community for years still were not told the truth what was about to happen to them.After woulds the community spread all over the North,with the lucky ones still staying in the area.Something I would like to think would not happen today.

"I likes the old spot.It should never have been flooded." - A Farmer at Stephen Park.

"It was a sad time for Dalehead.Families were forced to leave their homes and farms one by one.Some were lucky and managed to find places nearby.Many had to go miles away.Our village was split up all over the North." - Vic Robinson formerly at Stephen Park.

"We were a happy community......" - John Walmsley of Stocks Fold.

"People sometimes ask me what it was like to live in such an isolated place like Dalehead.I can only say that we were happy and contented with our lot.We knew out limitations and didn't strive for the unattainable." - Tom Cowking