The Market Place 1890's

This 10"x8" plate is the earliest that I can put a rough date on.Yet another large celebration in the town centre but for what reason is hard to say.A large procession is going through the Market Place coming down from Church Street.By the White Lion you can see some kind of float being pulled by two horses.The date for this photograph has to be older than 1897.On the photograph for Queen Victoria's Jubilee the water fountain has been taken down to another part of town.On this photograph on the far right hand side you can still see it place,so it has to be before 1897.Also the height and angle at which this photograph has been taken has to of taken from either The Natwest Bank or the old Dun Horse Inn.If it was taken from a window in the bank, the frame would be alot higher or lower.Where the view of this photograph just fits the height of the top left window of the Dun Horse Inn.The Dun Horse served it's last pint in 1896,so it must of been taken around the last year or two of the Dun Horse Inn.