Lower Buck at Waddington

The Lower Buck was originally known as The Roebuck Inn and built in 1760 to probably replace The Bonny Bird Inn.It was owned by the Parkers of Brownholme Hall.In 1820 Thomas Lister Parker sold the inn and the 33 acre farm with the inn for £3,000 to the local hospital.In the early days The Roebuck had stabling and a barn across the road for travellers horse and carts e.t.c.A cellar was added to The Roebuck in 1841 and was kept well stocked by all reports.In 1864 The Roebuck changed its name to The Lower Buck to distinguish it from The Buck i'th Vine - The Higher Buck.Going back through the ages you could be fined for selling poor ale or spirts.Margaret Altham who had been a tenant at the pub for 35 years with an unblemished record was fined in 1892 for selling whisky nineteen degrees under proof.The Lower Buck these days is certainly one of better pubs around the Ribble Valley.