Low Moor

Low Moor was built around 200 years ago for the workers of the then Cotton Mill which was built by Jeremiah Garnet in 1799.By 1900 the mill employed around 700 people who worked on 1,160 looms.In 1826 new power looms were fitted at the mill.The local workers fearing that the new power looms would take away their work they joined the 1826 cotton riots.To protect the mill the cavalry detachment was despatched from Burnley.With the slump in the cotton trade in the early 1900's the mill closed in 1930 causing alot of hardship in Low Mooor at the time.The mill was one of the largest spinning and manufacturing mills in Lancashire.This photograph show St.Pauls Street.The seventeenth century building at the bottom of the photograph use to be used as the local post office.
An advert from about 10 years before Low Moor Mill closed.
A coin produced to celebrate the Centenary of Low Moor Mill in 1899.