Bolton by Bolland taken in the late 1950's.On the right is long gone co-op.These days only about 150 people live in Bolton By Bolland but going back through the years up to about 1000 people have lived here.Most of the people were employed at Bolton Hall,that was unfortunately demolished about the time this photograph was taken.Buisness has slowly declined over the years untill now you just have the pub,village shop and farm house antiques.Below are two adverts,one for the Coach and Horses pub and the other for the local bus service run from the Copy Nook Garage which ran upto about ten years ago. Both adverts are taken from the 1930's.
What I like about this advert is the telephone number of just one digit.
Eventually all the local private bus companies were bought out by the Ribble Bus Service.

Bolton by Bowland 1950's